KILIÇ TARIM Limited Company

 MARKMARINE S 16  es actualmente, representante exclusivo de KILIÇ TARIM Limited Company, empresa especializada en la venta de fruta fresca y congelada.

Kılıç Tarım is a group of company that consists of subsidiary companies. Kılıç Hedef engages in agricultural produces and production of several sizes of plastic crates while Kılıç Eser is another subsidiary company focusing on the field of insurance and insurance services.

Kılıç Tarım was ideally located in Anamur Mersin where is the center of cultivation of banana and strawberry in Turkey.  Since its inception in 1996, Kılıç Tarım has made a great progress in the food sector with its successful and wisely investments. Kılıç Tarım specializes in producing frozen fruit and vegetables with its finest quality and providing the best customer services. Besides producing frozen fruit, Kılıç Tarım is one of the best supplier for  fresh fruit customers.  

The traditional business model is based on the growing bananas and strawberries and satisfying the customer demands in the food sector. we have been expending our processing capacities, carrying out the modernization of equipment, adopting a quality and food safety policy. All our facilities satisfy all of the HACCP program requirements and are inspected by the authorized certification bodies. 

Kılıç Tarım is an expert on organic farming field and cultivates organic strawberries and bananas in its own fields as well as supplying from over 150 contracted farmers whose fields are certificated by authorized bodies.   As is the one of our agvantage is that we supply variety of fruits grown in Turkey  from numerious our organic suppliers to meet our customers’ diversified demands.

Kılıç Tarım always utilize diversified communications’ methods to create strong connections between customers and companies. As a leading company, we believe in the power of the face to face business connection, where initial eye contact and a handshake can form the basis of a lasting relationship.

Together with the supports of customers, Kılıç Tarım will keep up continuous growth of its business in every passing day. 

If you are trusting we are trusted.