IV Range fruits on board

Fourth range products (IV RANGE) are all those varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, which during post-harvesting processing are subject to certain procedures (selection, sorting, husking, cutting and washing) and are then packaged, ready for raw consumption or ready to be consumed after cooking. 

Fourth range fruit and vegetable products are also considered “barely treated” food products, as fruits and vegetables, if necessary, are subject to a moderate preservation treatment, which leaves intact and unchanged the characteristics typical of the fresh product.

This procedure is mainly based on the cold chain: low temperature, in fact, must be a constant during all the stages through which goes the fruit and vegetable product, from post-harvesting to consumption. The average shelf life of fourth range products is of about 3-4 days up to maximum 10 days, as for fresh products (fresh fruit and vegetables).

Demand for IV Range foods has risen in the past years mainly resulting from the properties of this product, perfectly in tune with the lifestyle of modern consumers, more and more hasty, attentive to ease-of-use and costs, but also demanding as for the quality and safety of what they are going to eat. Among the advantages of fourth range products, time saving is one of the fundamental aspects. As a result of a preparation and presentation that are functional both to the consumer and to modern distribution, the fourth range products have gained importance in the HORECA (hotel, restaurant, cafeteria) sector.


We have developed the “New Reefer Ships Venture”, which has the following main objective:


“To transform conventional reefer ships by installing fruit packaging machines and with the end product to be sold to supermarkets; whether whole fruits or sliced in salads, allowing the consumer to purchase a fresh and ready-to-eat product.”


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This new Project of packaging fruits on board of a reefer vessel during transportation will allow consumers from different parts of the world to have access to a given product throughout the year. New connections will result from this way of production and the seasonality of the fruit will no longer be a problem.