Our company.

Brief history.

Established in Spain in 2006, the company was born out of a rejuvenation and modernisation process, following the activities of important companies such as ATLANFISH SL (founded in 1960 in Gran Canaria, Spain), OCEANFISHERIES LTD (founded in 1962 in Ghana) and PESCONSA (founded in 1964 in Madrid, Spain).


These companies were established and managed by Mr. J. E. Francis, Mr. E. Dadson and  Mr. F. Vega, all of them entrepreneurs in the international commerce of frozen seafood.

Founding partner.

Mr. Francisco Vega Quevedo is the founding partner of Markmarine S 16. His vast experience as a businessman has made him an expert in international business and with a recognised prestige in the international commerce of frozen and fresh foods, principally seafood.